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Occasional Sounds Dj Service
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Dj Jeff (frenchee)



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Jeff has been entrenched in the entertainment business for approx 17 years and is a well seasoned drummer in the Mass/RI live music circuit. He kick started his career with an Iconic band in the RI music scene called "The Senders". Over the years he's worked with many other amazing musicians as well, most notably with the RI Based band "WITZEND". He  had spent the better part of  14 years in the drivers seat laying down the grooves that make people move.


During that time, the urge to entertain had become increasingly stronger and developed into the want to do it more and more. So that want, and ability to do it, mixed with a personal experience with sub par entertainment company led him to the decision to step away from the drums and integrate himself into the Mobile DJ/wedding entertainment and event industry.

 The time spent in the music scene as a drummer and his knowledge of music and what moves people in general, has lent itself very well to the success of Occasional Sounds DJ Service


Jeff knows how to read the crowd, and also what it takes to move them on the dance floor. He believes that the music should do the talking. He is also very customer service driven and strives to make sure that your day is everything you want it to be. 

 We like to tell our clients when they work with Dj Jeff, that the only thing to worry about is what you’re going to have for your next drink.